07 Jun
Taking a break as decluttering is hard work - The Simply Less Project by The Good Sheet
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The Simply Less Project: 164 items

While the merging of my business and personal life sparked the initial desire to have less clutter in my life, I have to thank my toddler for kick-starting the official process by accidentally breaking a champagne glass. It’s kind of fitting, right? Starting by smashing something that’s traditionally used in a celebration? Sort of like an ending in reverse. I was in another room when the actual incident took place and, perhaps perversely, the sound of breaking glass put a smile on my face. (No need to panic, my son is ok, he was with his father!).

01 Jun
How to create a sleep friendly bedroom environment
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6 tips for a sleep-friendly bedroom

More and more people are realising the benefits that can be gained by improving the quality of your sleep every night. Sleeping well should be a priority given the positive effects it has on your daily life, general health and well being, concentration and even how you perform at work. There are many ways to improve your sleep, including keeping a bedtime routine, regular exercise, avoiding caffeine and other stimulants. However creating a sleep environment conducive to a great night’s sleep is sometimes overlooked, so we have put together 6 tips to make your bedroom the sleep sanctuary it needs to be so you get a proper rest.

09 May
How often should you wash your sheets?
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How often should you wash your sheets?

How often you should change your sheets is one of those questions that pops up often and probably because there’s no hard and fast rule by which we should all abide. It comes down to your individual lifestyle and personal preference. Fresh sheets on the bed is one of life’s simple pleasures, but it’s amazing how few actually care to strip the sheets on a weekly basis as is often recommended.

02 May
The Good Sheet Aspiring Minimalist Project
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The Simply Less Project: 164

What’s the significance of the number 164? We’ll get to that, but first let me fill you in on how we got here. My name is Kamila and I’m an aspiring declutterer. I’m also I’m the owner and chief comfort tester here at The Good Sheet.

14 Apr
Simple decorated monochrome easter eggs
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Super simple Easter Egg decorating

Easter is just around the corner, a time of year synonymous with delicious hot cross buns and chocolate eggs. In our busy schedules, the traditional practice of decorating Easter Eggs has fallen by the wayside. Here’s a simple and quick way to create your own beautifully decorated Easter Eggs.

15 Mar
How to create a minimalist bedroom
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How to create a minimalist bedroom

Minimalism is a popular trend at the moment but far beyond trend following, there are real benefits to seeking a simpler, less cluttered existence, not least of which is a sense of peace and far less to clean. Minimalism at its core is about doing more with less, because simplifying your surroundings simplifies your life – and what better place to start than your bedroom.

15 Feb
Between The Sheets with Olivia Brown
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Between the Sheets: with Olivia Brown

This week we chat with Olivia from Hobart, Tasmania. A talented photographer at Olivia Brown Photography, and all round creative, she beautifully records the magic happening at weddings and events all over Tasmania. She’s also a mum to her two boys, Hunter (8) and Remi (21 months) and a furbaby – so we just had to see how someone so incredibly busy starts and ends each day, and she was kind enough to answer a few questions.

01 Feb
Couple in bed on premium percale sheets
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Valentine’s Day gift ideas for couples

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us so this is the perfect time to think about what you might want to gift to your other half. The clock is ticking, so time to stop procrastinating! Do not leave this till the last minute else you’ll be forced to go the generic flowers-and-chocolate route and that’s pretty… well, generic.

14 Jan
Between the Sheets with artist and designer Naomi Gora
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Between the Sheets: with Naomi Gora

Some of the best things in life happen Between the Sheets… and that includes good conversation, so each month we’re asking you to share what makes you Sleep, Feel and Live Good.
This week’s chat is with Naomi from Hobart, Tasmania. A designer and storyteller, she runs her own business at Naomi Gora while being supermum to her little boy. An adventurer at heart, she’s never far from a ski slope or a bush track.

29 Dec
Woman relaxing on crisp white percale bedding from The Good Sheet
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Simple ways to start the New Year fresh

It’s that time of the year again when most of us look to begin the New Year with a clean slate and a long list of resolutions we hope to keep (but rarely do). Or perhaps you skip the resolutions and just take each day as it comes. Whatever way you approach the New Year, it’s nice to start it focused and feeling fresh, ready for what it may bring. We want you to have a great year, so here’s a few ideas to clean your physical and mental slate and start anew.