Creating a comfy bedroom vibe on the go

Take your comfortable sheets on the road

It’s that time of year again. That time when you’re itching to turn off your computer, pack your bags, and escape to new and exciting destinations for some much-needed R&R. But here at The Good Sheet, we know the dread that comes along with these exciting plans… the dread of leaving the manicured snooze nest you’ve spent so many hours creating to get the perfect night’s sleep and instead enduring unfamiliar lumpy mattresses, sheets that are too hot or cold and dastardly pillows that attempt to suffocate you mid-sleep. So what can you do to create a sleep-worthy home away from home just about anywhere when this year’s travel season hits?

1. Take your favourite sheet set and pillow with you

No, we’re not joking. Getting a great night’s sleep doesn’t have to be limited to your own personal boudoir at home. As people are starting to embrace the trend of purchasing higher quality goods that last longer, travellers are opting to take their favourite bedding along for the ride. To travel with your own bedding simply fold your sheet, slide it into its matching pillowcase and you have instant comfort wherever you go. And despite some trepidation that a pillow might take up more suitcase space than you’d like, the late Eileen Ford, owner of one of the world’s best known modelling agencies, used to swear that travelling with her own pillow made for a better night’s sleep.

2. Watch your temperature

It can be easy to overlook the importance of temperature when there are so many other things to grab your attention during grand holiday plans. The control of body and brain temperature are closely tied to sleep regulation, with a cooler body temperature associated with better sleep. For optimum sleep set your room temperature to between 15 and 19 degrees Celsius at least an hour before bed time.

3. Choose the right noms

We know, this is supposed to be about sleep, right? But when we’re travelling we often grab the most convenient food option at our fingertips. Often those options do nothing to promote great sleep. Foods high in caffeine, sodium, spice, fat, protein and acidity can wreak havoc on your sleep patterns. Try to limit these foods four hours before sleep and instead snack on nuts, bananas, eggs, cheese, crackers and warm milk and honey.

4. Pack some comforting sleep aids

When you’re traveling to unfamiliar places, the change in external environment can make everything feel a bit skewiff when it comes to getting the best sleep. Re-create the same sleep conditions you’re used to at home by getting into the habit of falling asleep using a sleep meditation on your smart phone; whether it’s a spoken meditation, audio book, relaxing music or recordings of rain falling or waves crashing upon sandy beaches. Our pick of all the sleep inducing smart phone apps is Calm. You can download it here

Oh, and don’t forget to pack the earplugs. They’re great for drowning out unfamiliar sounds of city traffic or foreign night-time creatures.

So there you have it. Happy travels. And no matter how weird it might feel at first, we give you absolute permission to pack your favourite, comfortable sheets and take them on the road with you.