Grow a forest while you sleep

Grow a forest while you sleep

We're so excited to announce our partnership with non-profit organisation, One Tree Planted. We will be planting five trees in our home state of Tasmania with every bedding set sold. We have recently changed our business focus towards sustainably produced bedding which draws inspiration from Tasmania's natural beauty. So we're extra happy that we get to help preserve and protect that beauty together with you.

We are absolutely thrilled to have found a partner in One Tree Planted who shares our values and helps make our business a force for good. We're very happy that beyond creating beautiful bedding, we can also do something positive for our local environment, right here in Tasmania. We want our customers to sleep even better knowing they helped plant a forest while they sleep.”

Over 80% of native species in Australia are not found anywhere else, and Tasmania is where many of the country’s threatened species can find refuge. Some, like the Tasmanian Devil, Eastern Quoll, Eastern Bettong and Eastern Barred Bandicoot are virtually extinct on the mainland so protecting their last remaining habitat in Tasmania is critical. The Good Sheet will work together with One Tree Planted to help restore vital wildlife corridors in the midlands region of Tasmania which has experienced significant habitat depletion.

Planting trees with One Tree Planted

This project will not only help protect and restore Tasmania’s biodiversity and reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, but also revitalise local farming and create jobs. "When you think about tree restoration, it's not only about fighting climate change it's also about maintaining ecosystems" says researcher Jean-Francois Bastin from the Institute of Integrative Biology in Zurich. Trees planted through this project are chosen for their suitability and benefit to the local environment. They include several types of Eucalyptus and Acacia trees and sometimes others, depending on the specific needs of the local habitat.

*November 2020 update: We've decided to switch from planting 5 trees with every set sold to planting a tree with every single order placed, no matter the size. We've found many of our customers like to purchase individual items instead of sets so the change is a win-win, makes it easier for us to count and we plant more trees with every single order contributing to our reforestation project!

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