How to style a white bedroom

How to style a white bedroom

Pared-back perfection 

There are many benefits of a white bedroom. A blast of white invigorates a space, making a room feel fresh, open and airy, a dark room feel bright, and a smaller area look bigger. A lick of white paint instantly masks unattractive features in a room, such as exposed pipes, and can make old furniture look instantly fresh. White even has psychological benefits – it helps calm your mind, which is handy around bedtime. Another perk: unmade beds look artfully intentional when everything is white! However, an all-white bedroom can sometimes look a bit sterile and bland. Here are a few styling tricks to help your space look less clinical and more Scandi-cool.

Layer up

Make your white bedroom appear warmer and less one-dimensional by layering tints – there are lots of different white shades to experiment with, from ivory to chalky white. Just about any shade of white, off-white and cream works. You could try painting a piece of furniture in the room a couple of shades darker (or lighter) than your wall colour, and experiment with lighting, bedframes, bedding and other furnishings in different whites. Subtle hints of grey or blue soften an all-white bedroom but still work well with a neutral theme.

Pepper with plants

A sprinkle of greenery in an all-white room feels fresh and offers a splash of colour. Plants such as jasmine, lavender and peace lilies give you the added benefit of improving your quality of sleep, too.

Think texture

Interesting textures add personality to an all-white palette. Play around with wood, brick, tiles, marble, cowhides, furs, cotton, silk and wool. Try knitted cushions and snuggly woollen throws (they work well with crisp, cotton bedding), hanging fabric, whitewashed headboards, woven baskets and fluffy rugs.

Use texture to soften a white colour scheme

Go rustic

Punctuate the cool crispness of an all-white room with timber tones. Oak bedside tables, an old leather chair, an antique dresser, a wooden bedframe or simply some wicker baskets can break up the room and give it depth. Wooden floors also work wonderfully with white interiors.

Use rustic elements to style a white room

Add pops of colour

You don’t have to go crazy with colour; zingy cushions, a neon pendant or a shelf filled with colourful books can be enough to add some punch to your all-white bedroom. Or liven things up with some bold art – an all-white backdrop is the perfect canvas.

Images courtesy of Jem Juthamat.

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