Japandi: A perfect blend

Japandi interior style

If you love the minimalism of Scandi design, but worry it will leave your home feeling a stark, cold and not very ‘homely’, Japandi could be your perfect design match.

Japandi combines Scandi simplicity with the Japanese principle of ‘wabi sabi’ or ‘beauty that is imperfect, impermanent and incomplete’. Its aesthetics include adding richness and texture to the idea of Scandi minimalism, producing a look that is still sleek, modest and uncluttered, but warm, textured and natural.
Both the Scandi and Japandi design styles share similar principles – clean lines, a hint towards the retro and embracing the idea of craftsmanship with a few select, high quality pieces that will stand the test of time, rather than moving at the whim of the latest design trend. The difference with Japandi design is that it’s a little less casual and a little more sophisticated.

5 easy ways to add a Japandi look to your home

1. Mix and match traditional lighter Scandi oak furniture with darker wood tones.

If you already have a Scandi style table, or have your eyes on one, try adding some dark walnut or ash chairs to create warmth and a hint of luxury. If you’re going for this look, make sure you choose furniture with simple, high quality natural materials such as wood with exposed grains and dark leather cushioning.

Japandi style chair
2. Try out some Shibori accessories.

Shibori is the Japanese art of tie-dying meaning ‘to wring, squeeze or press’. Traditionally made in colours of dark blue and indigo, you’ll now see Shibori patterns in a range of neutral colours that perfectly fit the Japandi style and will add a pop of interest on a simple backdrop of neutral bedding. The team at www.shibori.com.au are local experts in the Shibori style.

Shibori cushion

3. Create a simple statement wall instead of gallery style art walls.

Create a rugged, Japandi fusion with Japanese ink style art framed in a lighter Scandi style white or oak frame. And the best thing about this style of art is you only need to find one piece rather than five matching pieces. Ahhh, the simplicity.

Abstract print


4. Add a hand-dipped ceramic or two.

Hand dipped ceramics perfectly encapsulate the essence of wabi-sabi with their less than perfect shape and finishing. ‘But what will I use a ceramic for?’ I hear you ask. Fear not, if vases and sugar pots aren’t your style, try one of these Dusk Ritual Ceramic Cups for a perfect brew in bed on a Sunday morning.

Handmade ceramics

5. A rug can totally transform a cool and uninviting room.

Add more warmth and texture to your Japandi look with textured chunky weave jute rug reminiscent of Japanese tatami mats with a modern twist.

Jute rug

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