New: shallower 40cm fitted sheets

Shallower 40cm fitted sheets

Ok so our fitted sheets have a pretty deep gusset as standard - 50cm for all sizes from Queen and up. This makes them super easy to put on and prevents them popping off the corners at night even on the deepest mattresses. But we've had many of you tell us that you have a regular sized mattress and the extra deep sheets are just, well - too deep. 

With all the new mattresses getting ever-deeper and let's not even mention the trend towards using toppers - it just made sense for us to have the deeper fitted sheets as standard. 

But when you pop a 50cm deep sheet on a 20-something cm mattress, there's going to be extra fabric. Unless you tuck under very well, it's probably going to be a bit loose. 

Many of you regular-mattress-owners (that's us too) love the Heavyweight fabric so much that the extra depth doesn't deter you. And we thank you and are ever grateful for your continued support. But today...

...we bring good news! We now have part of the Heavyweight Percale range available in a shallower, 40cm depth. We'll extend this in time to include all colours, but for now the 40cm deep sheets come in White, Ash Ticking Stripe and Sage sheet sets, with separate fitted sheets also available.

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Heavyweight Percale 40cm sheet sets

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Heavyweight Percale 40cm fitted sheets