Stress-free Valentine's Day

Stress free Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day. There, we said it. Two words which probably induce more stress than almost any other, doubly ironic when the day is supposed to elicit feelings of love and romance. Some love it, some hate it, nobody really knows what to get... Chocolate and flowers? Cliche. And what does one do with stuffed white toys anyway? And if you're single? It's a struggle. Nonchalantly pretending not to care is hard work. How about we make Valentine's Day less about cliches and Hallmark cards and simply make it an opportunity to take a little care – be it for yourself, a friend or a significant other. So slow down, relax and give that most thoughtful of gifts - a bit of time to oneself.

Soothing bath soak

For the perfect restorative experience, treat yourself or your partner to a luscious bath soak. We love the Deep Sleep Bath Soak from because it contains a vital ingredient for promoting relaxation and better sleep – magnesium. Most adults have a magnesium deficiency so a magnesium-rich soak which allows it to be absorbed through your skin will help ease stress and increase the levels of the feel-good chemical, serotonin. Deep Sleep Bath Soak

Revitalising cleansing mask

Revitalise your skin with this cleansing mask from Quietly & Co. It contains naturally detoxifying Binchotan charcoal which smooths and purifies your skin and helps prevent breakouts.
It can be used with all skin types as a cleanser or make up remover but it is also amazing as a deep revitalising mask – perfect to put on while enjoying a deep relaxing soak in the bath.

Binchotan Charcoal Facial Cleansing Mask from Quietly & Co

Calming essential oil

It’s super important to take time out for yourself and remove sources of stress even if for a couple of minutes each day. Aromatherapy is a great way to put your body into relaxation mode. We love this stress relief blend from The Goodnight Co containing cedarwood, lemon and lavender to calm and soothe a stressed mind. It's so portable you don't even need a diffuser, just take a few breaths straight from the open bottle.

Calming essential oil blend

Indulgent tea

Let the day’s stresses melt away with this soothing Sleeping Beauty herbal tea. Containing Oat Seed, Lemon Verbena and blossoms of Chamomile, it will calm and relax you. Perfect for sipping with a good book, or in the bath before bed.

Edible Beauty Sleeping Beauty Tea


Perfect sheets

Sheets might not be the first thing you think of when thinking of Valentine’s Day gifts, but a luxe new set of beautiful sheets will get more use than any other. Slipping into pure cotton percale sheets is as indulgent as it gets. And best of all, whether you gift them to yourself or a partner, you get to enjoy them either way ;)

The Good Sheet perfect pure cotton sheets

We hope our guide helps you to enjoy a stress-free Valentine’s Day with thoughtful ways to spoil yourself, a partner or perhaps even a friend.