We're reducing our Washed Cotton Percale - here's why.

End of Line Washed Cotton Percale

So our lovely Washed Cotton range is currently reduced by up to 40%. That is a huge discount and you're probably wondering why? We don't normally do sales and never quite that much off. But we've been mulling over this for a while and finally decided that we'll have to let this range go the way of the dodo. Yep, the words nobody likes to hear once they've found a product they like - the dreaded "discontinued". Here's why.

It's not our core.

Back when we (foolishly) wanted to be everything to everyone, we brought in the Washed Cotton because, well, we just love the feel of the fabric and wanted to have something gorgeous to offer for those who prefer lighter weight sheets. But as our business has evolved, we've narrowed down our focus to what most of you were hankering for. And that's thicker sheets. It's our Heavyweight range and looking into the future, hopefully a selection of sheets in other fabrics with the common thread being that they're all thicker than what's on offer in the market. We'd love to do it all, but that would be spreading ourselves way too thin. So, with a slightly heavy heart, we're letting the Washed Cotton go. But the good news is, you get to pick up some beautiful sheets at waayyy below what they should normally cost. Shop the Washed Cotton range now at up to 40% off.

We are overstocked.

Even if we weren't discontinuing them, we simply have too much stock. Plus they're designed for deep mattresses so that puts off some of you who have thinner mattresses as deep fitted sheets tend to sit a bit loose on thinner mattresses. They're best for mattresses 38cm or deeper and just perfect if you have a mattress topper. Super easy to put on the bed!

They're no good to anyone just sitting on the shelf, so we may as well get them out the door and onto your beds so you can enjoy them.

We can reinvest into expanding our core Heavyweight range.

Those of you keeping an eye on our Heavyweight sheets may have noticed we tend to sell out of some colours and sizes and sometimes it takes a while for a restock (incidentally - one coming mid-July). Letting the Washed Cotton go means we can put that money into reducing the time between restocks and expanding the colours available in the best-selling Heavyweight range. We have a long list of colour suggestions from many of you and would love to bring them in sooner. 

So is it goodbye to Washed Cotton forever? Well, we'll never say never, who knows what the future holds - but it's definitely a goodbye for now. If you've been wanting to try it or add to your collection, now's your (last) chance. Shop the Washed Cotton range now at up to 40% off.