Between the Sheets: Jenna Zhu of Maple Soaps

Between the Sheets: Jenna Zhu of Maple Soaps

When we spotted the incredibly beautiful goodies at Maple Soaps we knew we had to find out a little more about their creator, Jenna Zhu.  A qualified graphic designer and florist, Jenna knows a thing or two about aesthetics and design.  Initially just looking for a new hobby, she soon turned her considerable talents to making exquisitely packaged, natural, plant-based soaps, which are now stocked across Australia and New Zealand.  She joined us to talk soap, sleep and her love of nature.

Share with us your inspiration behind Maple Soaps.

MAPLE was born in 2013, when I really just wanted to start a new hobby. I made up a small batch of 10 soaps in my kitchen and was hooked! I love being creative, and being able to make up new interesting soap fragrances, and create beautiful packaging is the most exciting part for me. Having previously studied and gained a degree in graphic design, and then worked as a florist for many years, I feel MAPLE was a little mix of both these loves all rolled into one - botanical inspired soaps, all packaged up in a pretty parcel.

Australian Peppermint Eucalyptus soap by Maple Soaps

Australian Lemon Tea Tree Soap by Maple Soaps

Where's the most memorable place you've woken up?

Waking up in Iceland after travelling 20+ hours to get there from Australia was surreal and amazing. My husband and I drove a campervan around Iceland and slept each night amongst some of the most beautiful scenery we’ve ever seen in our lives. Being so far from home and waking up each morning amongst mountains and waterfalls was the most wonderful feeling of freedom and adventure.

Describe the best sleep you've ever had.

After spending a month away in Europe my husband and I came home tired, jet lagged and in need of some rest. I must have slept for 12 + uninterrupted hours or so and woke up feeling amazing.

What's the first thing you do when you open your eyes in the morning?

Right now our 4 month old baby is sleeping in her cot in the same room as us, so the first thing I do is look over to her, and am usually welcomed by a giggling little babe staring back at me!

What's the last thing you do before you go to sleep?

After dinner I’ll have a cup of Apothetea organic chamomile tea with almond milk followed by a nice warm shower, lathering up with whichever MAPLE soap I’ve got on rotation… I think this week it’s Rosewood & Charcoal - one of my personal favourites. I’ll take a quick peek over at my daughter in her cot and then I’m off to bed.

Apothetea at Maple Soaps

Rosewood and charcoal soap

If you could choose anywhere in the world to sleep, where would it be?

Anywhere amongst nature! I’d love to wake up looking out over the ocean, over mountains, in the rainforest… I’ve had discussions about living in a luxury treehouse before! My dream!

What would we find on your bedside table?

Currently there is an Aspidistra plant, a few family photographs, jewellery and a New York snow globe I purchased while on holidays there.

What's one thing that makes you Sleep Good?

Our king sized bed that’s made up of all white freshly washed linen, and a snuggly mattress topper. The ultimate cloud bed… makes me sleepy just thinking about it!

What's one thing that makes you Feel Good?

Reformer Pilates. I’ve just gotten back into it after my pregnancy and each week my body absolutely craves it! After each session I can feel myself adjusted and balanced both physically and mentally. Follow this with a morning coffee and I’m one happy lady.

What's one thing that makes you Live Good?

Travel! Being able and fortunate enough to experience life outside our own little bubble is so exciting. I love to plan trips away, whether it be a mini road trip or even an overseas adventure. We can’t wait for our new little bub to grow up a bit so we can take her on adventures now too.