Mother's Day gifts that don't cost a cent

Mothery's Day gifts that don't cost a cent

Sure, mums love to be showered with flowers and gifts – but, most of all, they want to feel showered with love. You don’t have to spend a fortune this Mother’s Day; give her something meaningful instead. Here are some things you could try.

Bake her a cake

The classic breakfast in bed is always a winner – but why not go a little further and whip up her favourite cake or sweet treat? As the saying goes, cooking is love made visible. Cakes shouldn’t just be for birthdays, after all.

Bake mum a cake for Mother's Day

Write her a love letter

In a list of regrets of the dying, one of the most common regrets was not expressing feelings enough. In the busyness of life, we often forget to tell someone how much we love and appreciate them. It doesn’t have to be perfect – just pick up a pen and pour your heart out. It will mean a whole lot more than a box of chocolates.

Make her a scrapbook of her life

Watch tears fill your mum’s eyes as she flicks through a beautiful book all about her. Add photos, personal notes and quotes, and ask family members to contribute. You can create a digital or printable scrapbook here.

Lend a hand

Has your mum asked you for help with her computer or in the garden? Well, now’s the time to show her how to upload an album to Facebook, or help her plant some dahlias. Even if she hasn’t asked you, surprise her by putting fresh cotton sheets on the bed or washing her car. Giving her a hand is the simplest, sweetest way to show you care.

Give mum a hand around the house

Image by Dot and Pop

Make her a playlist

It’s the 2018 version of a mixtape: craft a perfect playlist for your mum in Spotify or iTunes so she can waltz around the kitchen. If you don’t know her favourites, ask her for songs that remind her of special times in her life. If your mum’s old-school, you could actually make a mixtape or CD - you can create an album cover for free with Adobe Spark.

Take her on a date

Plan something fun for the two of you to do together. It could be a night in watching old movies together and scoffing popcorn, taking her to an art gallery or park, or simply going for a long drive in the countryside. She’ll be thrilled, and you’ll get major brownie points.

There you have it. Simple things you can do to make Mother's Day special without having to go shopping. But if you do like the idea of giving a thoughtful, beautifully wrapped gift, you can always get her some good sheets :)