Get your bedroom ready for the warmer months

Prepare your bedroom for summer

Spring has well and truly sprung, the temperatures are climbing and the warmer months are coming up fast. Most of us are only too glad to be shaking off the winter chill and getting ready for summer. It’s the perfect time to also give your bedroom a spring refresh. Follow our simple tips to prepare for the warm days and nights ahead.

Spring clean

Spring is a time of renewal and what better way to invite freshness and lightness into your room than with a good spring clean. It’s normal for things to accumulate and clutter up your space over time and this doesn’t make for the best sleeping environment. Cast a critical eye over your bedroom and remove anything that doesn’t belong. Put the heavy winter blankets in storage.

Now’s also the perfect time to do a spring clean of the bedding. Pillows need washing roughly every 6 months, or replaced if they’re showing excessive wear or lumpiness. Wash your doona in your machine if you have one large enough or take it to the laundromat for its yearly wash. And don't forget that your bedlinen will need more frequent washing as the weather heats up, ideally you should wash your sheets weekly.

Wash sheets often in summer months

Stay cool

As the weather warms up, focus on keeping your bedroom cool. The first thing you should do is swap your heavier winter doona over to a summer weight doona.

Next, change your sheets. You’re likely to have been using flannel sheets or sateen cotton sheets during the cooler months, but warmer weather calls for something more breathable. Steer clear from anything synthetic such as polycotton blends, particularly if you are a hot sleeper, because they tend to make you sweat more. Natural fibres such as pure cotton sheets are your best choice for summer. Percale cotton sheets are great all year round but really come into their own during the warmer seasons because they're cool and crisp and very breathable. Perfect for hot nights.

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Shuffle around

While making all those bedding changes in your bedroom, check to see if your mattress is one that needs to be flipped around to the other side. Most newer mattresses don’t, and you’ll know this if they have a ‘top’ and ‘bottom’ side, but it won’t hurt to at least rotate it head to foot.

It’s also a good time to rotate some of your bedroom décor around. Perhaps swap out some throws and cushions for lighter colours or update a dresser or a corner chair to freshen up the look of your room.

Let there be light

One of the best things about the weather warming up is that you can throw those windows open and let in lots of fresh air and sunshine. Keep your bedroom looking bright by changing up your dark or heavy winter curtains to something light and summery like sheers. If trying to keep the summer heat out, look at getting block out curtains in a pale colour to keep the room from looking too dark.

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Bring the outdoors in

Nothing brings spring time into a room like a fresh bunch of flowers! Pop some in a vase and your room will look and smell so much fresher. Or make a potted plant part of your bedroom décor. It will not only make it look like spring but plants help purify the air and can help you sleep better too.

If you love the idea of plants but don’t trust yourself to keep one alive – why not add a touch of spring with a beautiful botanical print. Some of our favourites are from Yorkelee Prints, The Printable Concept or Love Your Space.

And voila! Your bedroom will look and feel fresh and ready to see in the warm seasons ahead.