Sleeping without a flat sheet

Sleeping without a flat sheet

We’re all a little bit different so it’s no surprise we don’t all like the same thing when it comes to that most personal of spaces – our beds. We spend a third of our lives there so getting your bed just how you like it is important.

Some of us like to have the bed perfectly made, complete with hospital corners and pillows arranged just-so. Others fling the quilt cover back in the morning and leave without giving it a second’s thought. No doubt many of us have locked heads with our partners over bed making habits. But the question that causes more arguments than pineapple on pizza is whether or not to use a flat sheet. There is no grey area, you’re either firmly against flat sheets or think those who go without them are the kinds of people who clip their toenails in the kitchen.

Here at The Good Sheet, we’ve decided not to take sides in this unwinnable war. That’s why our Sheet Sets come with a flat sheet but we have everything available separately for those who simply don't want one. 

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All our sheet sets come with fitted and flat sheets and two standard pillowcases, encased in a drawstring bag.
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As it turns out, quite the number of people the world over have decided to forgo the flat sheet, or top sheet. Research shows around 40 percent of Americans don’t use a flat sheet. The purchasing habits of our customers lead us to believe Australians have a similarly high percentage of fitted-sheet only users. Why, you might ask? Well, unlike much of America, we use quilts or duvets which are protected by a removable and easily washable Quilt Cover. If you are a relatively clean person and wash your quilt cover every week or so, along with the rest of your sheets, then you probably have no need for a flat sheet. Especially if your Quilt Cover is made from the same smooth, fine long-staple cotton as your sheets so it feels just as amazing. So why pay for a flat sheet if you don’t have to? 

If you find the Flat Sheet is as necessary as wireless internet, we’ve got you covered. It's included in the Sheet Set but you can buy as many as you wish on their own as we have everything available separately. The flat sheet provides an extra layer between your sweaty body and the quilt cover, which means you can get away with washing the cover about once a month. And that has to be a win because nobody wants to wrestle with their quilt more often than absolutely necessary. 

Our fitted sheet come with 40cm depth for sizes Single through to Double, and 50cm depth for Queen and above. 
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Our flat sheets are generously sized for ease of tucking in. 
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So whichever side you’re on, pineapple or no pineapple, flat sheet or no flat sheet, we wanted to give you options to create exactly the kind of bed you want to sleep in. All that’s left is to choose the colour.