Introducing: Thick Crisp Cotton Sheets

crisp heavy cotton bed sheets australia

Have you been searching for thicker, heavier cotton bed sheets like you might remember from your childhood? The old fashioned crisp cotton percale sheets like grandma's? Look no more, your search is over!

Meet our Heavyweight Percale. Our new luxuriously thick cotton bedding is made with the best thicker and heavier long-staple cotton for that old-fashioned comfort. Ethically made organic cotton, it's both GOTS and Oeko-Tex certified for the healthiest sheets you can put next to your skin. Specially woven for us and not available anywhere else, this is the soft, yet cool and crisp percale of old. 


Thick heavy cotton sheets thick heavy cotton bedsheets

heavyweight cotton sheets crisp cotton bed sheets australia

Remember slipping into bed at grandma's when you were a kid? The way the sheets rustled and your feet felt a little cold at first but soon you were tucked in and cosy and warm. Weren't those the best sheets ever? Well, these are it! The old fashioned type of sheets, that grandma used to have and you can still find in the best hotels. Cool and crisp, the kind that snap when you fold them. Thick, heavyweight, a little bit stiff, and yes, a bit wrinkly but oh, so wonderfully smooth and comfortable.

We've had so many requests for thick cotton sheets, we've searched high and low to find someone who could weave these especially for us. It took months but we finally found an amazing team in India who could create what we were after. Thicker yarn, lower thread count in a simple sturdy percale weave - strong and tight, not stretchy or drapey, and won't fluff up or pill. 

They will only get softer and smoother with use and if you look after them, one day you might even be passing them on to your own grandkids.

We've carefully considered how to make these better than all the rest and have included many thoughtful details such as french seams on the fitted sheets and extra strong elastic, internal ties in the quilt cover to keep your quilt in place and even two spare buttons just in case. 

The Details

  • 155g/m2 (4.57oz/yd2)
  • GOTS Organic and Oeko-Tex certified
  • 200 thread count per square inch (240 per 10 square centimetres)

We've purchased and tested a number of vintage sheets over time and we've found that the thickest percale sheets typically used relatively thick yarns which are not usually made with long staple cotton. This made the old sheets thick, but quite rough in the beginning. Newer sheets tend to be made with finer yarns which make for smoother sheets. We took elements of both to make our sheets with the optimum balance between thickness and comfort. They will be a bit stiff when new, but will soften beautifully with use and become your new favourite sheets.

Have a look at our new Heavyweight Percale Bedding today for your best night's sleep yet.