You may be surprised to find that thread count has little to do with quality.
Let us explain what factors make up a quality sheet.


The longer the fibres or staples, the better the fabric. Longer fibres can be spun into finer yet stronger yarn, then woven into fabric which is soft, smooth and durable. Shorter fibres have many ends sticking out of the fabric, making it feel coarser and promoting pilling.  Our cotton is combed to remove the shorter, weaker fibres, giving our sheets their unmistakable smooth and luxurious feel.


Proper fabric finishing techniques are key to creating quality textiles and are responsible for the feel of the fabric throughout its lifespan. Our sheets are finished by a manufacturing team with decades of experience, using the world’s top quality finishing machines. Unlike linens of lesser quality, our sheets are singed and mercerised for superior strength, smoothness and lustre.

Our sheets are made from fabric which is Oeko-Tex certified, for a chemical-free sleep.


Thread count is the number of vertical (warp) and horizontal (weft) threads in a square inch of fabric. In Australia, thread count is usually measured for 10 sq cm, so it’s important to know which measurement the number on the label refers to. We use square inch as that is most commonly used worldwide.

The best fabric in terms of weave quality is one using single-ply yarn and single-pick construction, where only one weft thread is inserted for every warp thread, but this method cannot achieve higher than about 400 thread count. Higher thread counts usually use multi-pick construction and/or use lower grade plied threads, where misleadingly each ply is counted as a separate thread, artificially inflating the thread count. Currently there are no standards to regulate this practice. At The Good Sheet, we use only single-ply, single-pick construction.

Different weaves produce fabric with different look and feel.  The two main types of cotton weave are Percale and Sateen, and the choice of which is not a matter of quality, but personal preference.

Percale is woven with one yarn under, one yarn over and has thread count of 200/square inch or more. It is cool and crisp to the touch and has a matte appearance. It is very durable and washes and wears very well.

Sateen is one yarn under, four yarns over which gives a softer, silkier feel and more lustrous appearance. It is typically tightly woven from finer yarns and a higher thread count making it warmer and denser.

Our sheets are percale – cool, crisp and light. We are looking to introduce a sateen range soon.